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Craig is a Sussex based photographer. landscape and nature photography. Craig is attracted to exploring the beauty of the wildlife and landscapes of the UK.

The bug first took root when he received his first camera in 1975 - a Zenith EM film camera. The photography bug took hold. Craig spent many weekends capturing images of insects especially butterflies.

Craig’s passion extended to landscapes as well as wildlife. Foreign holidays and trips helped fuel his desire to capture the beauty of the light and shade that dances across the land. Work and family obscured his dream of being a professional photographer until one Christmas his wife Jude gave him a canvas print of Bamburgh Castle. “Amazed by the Beauty of the canvas” it helped Craig realise that he could be a professional photographer. Renewed by support from his wife Craig began to record the beauty of the British landscape, especially close to his home in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex. This resulted in his book “Glimpses of the Forest” and during working trips around the UK many of the photos included here.

During the recent pandemic, Craig rekindled his love for photographing local wildlife and the Forest. It has stimulated Craig to reconnect and build a body of work that documents the increasingly threatened natural world and landscape.

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Every purchase on this site includes a donation of 5% to the RSPB. Craig hopes that his work will inspire people to want to protect the natural world wherever they are. Love your local wildlife and landscape.

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